Best Cat Trees of 2024 (Unique Furniture Play Tower & Condo)

Today we will talk about some of the best cat trees. Identify which one will be suitable for your feline, so that she can also live her life to the fullest. We have selected twenty-five highly rated cat trees, condos and play towers that can keep your cat healthy, safe and entertained.

Cats are born scratchers and climbers, but their natural traits cannot be fulfilled if they are always kept indoors. However, if you want to satisfy their instincts, you can invest in a cat tree. Finding the right toy for a feline needs research, product study, and knowledge of available designs.

We have already spent extra hours doing the same. So, now you only have to select one of the given cat trees or condos that brings plenty of joy to your cat and gives them a soft spot to hangout.

What’s The Best Cat Tree?

Comfortable cushions, scratching post, playing ball to keep your baby engaged, what else you need from a cat activity centre?

Whatever your expectations are from a condo, it has them all.

Whether your cat loves to jump around or scratch things in your absence, you can invest in the Fendrea cat tree.

Comfortable cat perches for large cats, spacious condos, plush basket, and sisal rope covered scratching post. It has everything that your kitty loves. It also has a couple of hanging balls that keep her busy and joyful.

Fendrea gives you the best cat tree that you can gift your little one this birthday. She will be in heaven, and then, she will love you more and follow your order properly.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall: Fendrea Cat Tree
“Three areas to rest and scratching post for claw sharpening. Comfortable for bigger cats as well”

Best High End: Vepser V-High Cat Furniture
“Wooden structure with removable memory foam cushions”

Best for Multiple Cats: TecTake XXL Cat Scratching Post Activity Centre Tree
“Many platforms and resting space that gives plenty of room to more than two or even three cats”

Best for Large Cats: RHRQuality Cat Tree
“Tested to be used with big cats. Can withstand a combined weight of 48 kg”

Best Design: LBLA Cat Tower
“Looks like a small park for the kittens”

Best Floor to Ceiling: Pawhut 5 Tier Kitty Tower
“Comes with an adjustable height between 230 to 260 cm. Has multiple levels and a hammock”

How We Choose Our Best Picks

We talked to millions of individuals about the products their cat loves. After some research and lab tests, we made sure that the referred toys, cat trees, and condos are comfortable as well as safe for your little ones. Today, we are listing twenty-five best cat trees out of the same recommendations. Take a look and share the images with your baby. Maybe she can choose and like something. You never know.

1. FEANDREA Cat Tree

Our top recommendation, Feandrea cat tree has a small footprint, but its sturdy for big or fluffy cats. If you need a comprehensive platform that has plenty of room to accommodate multiple four-legged furballs, then the cat tree from Feandrea is one of the best cat furniture you can purchase.

If you have one cat, then it can use all the areas of this cat house; caves for privacy or hiding, multiple levels for playtime and the top to rest or survey the surrounding area. Side basket and two cushions at the top add to the comfort and style. Overall, it’s the best cat tree under £50 available to purchase.

Convenient Features:

  • A mattress on the top level where the cat can rest or stretch
  • Sisal rope on the piles that can withstand constant scratching
  • Remains stable while the cats are playing or jumping around

2. Finether Cat Furniture

The 154 cm long cat tower from Finethar comes with a round platform at the top that allows your cat to see and keep a watch on everything going around. As you can notice, it is a big playing centre that can accommodate two or three cats. Covered with soft faux material, the tower feels very comfortable to your cat. It also has a dangling play ball for the small creatures.

Don’t forget the hammock, which is also made of faux fur. Apart from that, it has a curved perch, top perch, and a kitty cat condo; all these separate compartments of the tree tower give multiple napping options to your cat and keeps it busy for long.

Convenient Features

  • Easy to assemble due to clear instructions and included tools
  • Four scratching posts entwined with natural sisal ropes
  • Remains firm and stable on the ground while the cat jumps and plays

3.  Vepser V-High Base Cat Furniture Tree

Cat trees are nothing less than room furniture. Well, here is one of those that can be a beautiful wooden addition to your house. At 121 cm, the Vesper cat furniture has a moderate height, and its 56 cm square-shaped base is not too large as well. Made of walnut MDF and water-based lacquer the designer cat furniturelooks decent and attractive.

The wooden cat treehas a well-built structure that contains six scratching posts, two resting platforms and a square cave with soft memory foam. Cream-coloured foams and sisal posts compliment each other and provides high-quality comfort for your kitten.

Convenient Features

  • Includes a square cave and two platforms where the cats can hide or rest
  • Scratching poles where they can practice
  • Hanging toy made of rattan

4. AmazonBasics Cat Tree

Looks very basic, but the AmazonBasic cat tree provides all the things that your felines need. Multiple platforms to jump and play while making adorable faces and a top bed where they can nap. All the three levels are aligned in a tiered effect so that the little one can easily reach then. Seven scratching posts give plenty of surface to practice and claw sharpening.

In other words, it gives them the benefits of an outdoor tree, but inside a safe area. Moreover, its carpeted area makes it one of the best cat climbing tree available. These are the reasons why we can it one of the best cat furniture. Place in the room where you want the cat to be and enjoy the rest.

Convenient Features

  • Wrapped in jute rope, the posts provide a necessary surface for claw sharpening
  • A carpeted surface that offers secure traction for climbing
  • Square shaped base for maximum stability
  • Can accommodate more than one kitten if required

5. Zubita Cat Tree Tower

Crafted with backer board and soft faux fur, the Zubita cat tower is durable as well as comfortable. If you own a kitten or small cats, it can be a perfect activity sport for them. This cat tree is not only attractive for cats, but it also gives them plenty of space to exercise and play. Once the kitten is tired, it can use the round top to rest.

Then there is a plush sisal covered scratching pole that keeps them entertained. Yes, you have to guide them to the pole, especially if you want to protect your sofa or coffee table. Also, there are two toys stringed with the top level.

Convenient Features

  • Simple to install
  • Covered with short-haired plush material
  • Natural made sisal is safe for the small member of your family
  • Protects your furniture from their sharp claws

6. Petsfit Outdoor Cat Wooden House Lodge

Made of sturdy cedarwood, the Petsfit wooden lodge is suitable for outdoor usage. Finished with pet-friendly paint, this is a weatherproof cat house, which maintains the same shine during its course of life, hence the kittens will never lose interest in it.

Place the outdoor cat treein a garden, lawn or balcony, where your pet can enjoy the warm afternoon or pleasant evening. There is an over roof that protects your soft friend from direct rays and rainwater. The outdoor cat furnitureis easy to assemble and looks like an elegant garden accessory.

Two variants are available for the product; one that comes with stairs and then the other had scratching pad instead. In both the options, there is a square-shaped room at the bottom, upper level the looks more like a cat balcony and an escape hatch. Looks like we got the best cat tree under 100 pounds.

Convenient Features

  • Easy to assemble due to pre-drilled holes
  • Weather-resistant Asphalt roof for added protection
  • Available in two colours – grey and wine red

7.  Pawhut 5 tier kitty tower

Pawhut cat tree is a perfect place for your kitten or cat to play and rest. It has five tiers wherein your furball can climb or sleep at new heights. This tree is one of the best cat scratch house, because it also has three scratching posts that keep your furniture safe and gives your little one some space to practice and claw sharpening.

Made of particleboard, the cat tower has plush cushioning on the exteriors. Your cat would love to spend some extra hours while playing and sleeping on this tree. It maintains the hold between the floor and ceiling using a tension rod. Adjustable between 230 to 260 cm, it one of the best cat play towerthat fits perfectly anywhere in the house.

Convenient Features

  • Rounded edges keep your kitten safe while jumping
  • Remains stable due to solid built and adjustable tension rod
  • Scratching posts that protect your wooden furniture

8. TINWEIUK Cat Tree Scratching Toy

Place this cat activity centre from Tinweiuk against the wall in your preferred room and see how much your kitten will enjoy it. And why not? One of the best cat houses, this cat tree has three levels covered with soft faux fur all over and several durable scratching posts for their entertainment.

Also, it has a hammock where your baby can relax or nap during her “free time”. Then there is a condo, wherein the kitten can hide and see what you are doing in the other room.

Above all, there is a playing ball that will keep her busy and entertained.

Thiscat tree with hammock is made of compressed wood baseboard, and the covering faux is also durable. Scratching posts consists of jute, which is safe for cats.

Convenient Features

  • High quality long lasting built
  • Playing ball and hammock for entertainment and relaxing purpose
  • Three-level wherein kittens can learn to jump and exercise

9. RHRQuality Cat tree

RHRQuality is a well-established brand that manufactures healthy trees for big cats. This X-large activity centre for cats is one of the best large cat trees available to purchase. We tested the cat tree for 48 kg and performed well. If you have several large cats that will enjoy best large cat scratching posts and a bed at the top, then look no further.

The complete structure of the cat tower is glued with a thick plush material that will withstand your pet for a long time. There are a bottom cave and two hammocks attached with a thick metal ring.

These two can withdraw a weight of 20kg each; so, you can allow any of the big cats to relax on them. The hammock is nothing less than a cat pillow. She will love you more for this gift that can only be a dream for other cats.

Convenient Features

  • Made of sturdy ABS, the cat corner is durable
  • The plush cloth is glued to the primary unit, so it will not come out even if the kitten tries to scratch
  • Thick base plate for improved stability

10. Eono by Amazon – Cat Tree

Our tenth entry comes from an Amazon brand. The Eono cat tree has a detachable large top perch that has raised rims to provide maximum comfort to your lovely feline. Its machine washable, so you don’t worry even if the kitten came with a dirty paw.

This medium-sized cat tower offers plenty of space to your cats wherein they can play around and then rest.

Apart from the top perch, it has two houses, one scratching board made of sisal, scratching post again covered with sisal and a washable/replaceable hanging ball. Your four-legged kid would love the multipurpose design.

Convenient Features

  • Made of high-density wood, the tree is durable and stable
  • Provides lots of space for the mental and physical development of a kitten
  • Scratching board to suit cats from all ages

11. TecTake XXL Cat Tree

Huge and sturdy, TecTake cat activity centre looks like two small cat trees standing together. Due to its design, the structure is highly stable like a table with four legs. The giant cat tree is available to purchase in different colours, and there is also an option of black with paw prints.

There are four houses and platforms on the tree. So, if you have multiple cats, they will not fight over space. Rope covering the posts is different than the other variants we talked above.

It has coconut fibre rope that is comparatively weaker than sisal. So large cats can easily damage them, and you have to look for a replacement.

Convenient Features

  • The cat tree is stable due to two bases
  • Multiple levels for the cats or kittens to play, rest and get entertained
  • Plenty of posts to scratch and get sharp claws

12. Yaheetech Cat Tree

Whether your kitten has a scratching habit or she wants to rest at a warm and cosy place, the cat tree from Yaheetech is useful in both the situations. It will keep your furniture safe from the paw scratches, and also provide a soft as well as comfortable place for the kittens where they can hang out, play and rest.

The floor to ceiling cat tree is adjustable between 228-255cm and has maximum stability due to dual support. It comprises two condos, a couple of sleeping baskets that are similar to hammocks, multiple scratching posts and a ladder to reach the top level.

Convenient Features

  • Scratching posts are covered with sisal rope that is safe and durable
  • Made of eco-friendly and pet-friendly material
  • Can accommodate two or three adult cats

13. Easipet Cat Tree

Scratching post, hiding cave or resting platform, the Easipet cat tree has everything your kitten needs. Three scratching poles covered with sisal ropes allows the cat or kitten to practice and release the stress there instead of the house furniture. There are two raised platforms at different levels wherein they can play and finally a cave to rest (after all the “hard work”). Also, there is a unique tube for their entertainment.

The cat tree does not have too many parts, and hence, it’s easy to assemble if you follow the given instructions. The overall structure, apart from scratching posts, is covered with soft faux fur that keeps your sweet fellow comfortable as well as safe. It’s available in a grey colour with paw prints that will be liked by your four-legged kid. Overall, the Easipet cat tree is one of the best cat tree cat tree under £30.

Convenient Features

  • Sisal covers post that satisfies the scratching needs of your cat
  • Two levels at different heights allow them to play and learn
  • Stable square cave base

14. Petonaut Cat Tree

Getting irritated due to regular scratches on your house furniture? We recommend you to invest in the Petonaut cat tree, which is crafted from high-quality, durable materials and gives complete comfort as well as entertainment to your cats. Cushioned perch on the top, spacious house and two separate levels for climbing provide plenty of space for cats to rest.

Sisal scratching posts, hanging balls, sisal rope, and another standing spring ball at the bottom adds some fun to their daily activities. They can watch your actions from the perch, rest inside the house, and jump on the levels for many hours. They can also play with the included toys without getting bored.

Convenient Features

  • Solid construction and stable design
  • Built of natural and non-toxic materials
  • Easy to assemble because all the hardware and tools re-included
  • Looks attractive to the cats

15. Milo & Misty Cat Activity Centre

Do you want to keep your kitten entertained, so that she can love you even more? Choose the Milo & Misty cat activity centre with scratching post that keeps their paws healthy and house furniture safe. This full-length post is covered with sisal and also satisfies their natural needs to scratch.

When it’s time to rest, cats look for a safe, cosy and private place to take a nap. It’s the reason why this 58 cm tall cat tree has a comfortable bottom level and shelf. Cats are one of the most curious pets; they always want to see and know what’s happening around them. Considering the same, there are two peeping holes at each level.

Convenient Features

  • The cat tree looks great with any interior décor
  • A pawprint on the softcover looks attractive
  • Suitable for cats from any age group and size

16. SavingPlus Cat Tree

Made of high-quality materials the cat tree from SavingPlus is sturdy and durable. Due to its stable structure and solid base, the tree is stable and can hold any cat under 3kg. Most of the tower has a soft 380G faux cover apart from the scratching posts that are coiled with sisal rope.

The cat tree comes with a comfortable sleeping area, a top observation area, resting hammock/basket and multilevel scratching posts. Three soft hanging toys add to the fun and keeps your kitten entertained for a long time.

Convenient Features

  • The significant base for maximum support
  • Easy to assemble due to clean instructions
  • High-quality faux material to provide a comfortable sleep time to the loved ones
  • Multilevel scratching post covered with sisal rope that are safe and long-lasting

17. LBLA Cat Tree
Before kittens adjust to your living environment, they try to use their newly found teeth and paws. A kitten tends to scratch wooden furniture and use their small front teeth to tear any clothes or blankets.

If kittens do not get anything to scratch or bite, their mood will swing frequently, and you will not be able to enjoy her company. If you want your kitten to enjoy the young age to the fullest, give her this amusement park from LBLA.

The corner cat tree consists of three levels with many attractive spaces wherein your cute one can explore, take an adventure, especially, when you are away. And then after the all the “hard work” she can rest. A house, hammock, climbing frames, hanging ball, tree hole, and a couple of scratch posts; it’s all included in this stylish cat tree.

Convenient Features

  • The unit will not slip even if multiple cats are playing or jumping around
  • A triangular structure that occupies only the corner space of your room
  • Made of durable, breathable and pet-friendly materials

18. TMZ Cat Tree

TMZ cat activity centre is one of the best indoor cat houses. It’s an excellent choice if you want your kitten to be safe indoors, but at the same time, you want to keep her entertained. It’s a multilevel cat toy that comprises a cave, hammock, and three desks where the kitten can rest, play and observe the area.

Then multiple scratching posts are durable and help the cat in claw sharpening. In other words, the cute guy will not harm anything if the TMZ tree is around. So, all your wooden pieces will be safe.

Convenient Features

  • Easy to assemble
  • An excellent place for cats where they can stretch and exercise, especially in harsh weathers
  • Keeps them entertained and safe from outdoor animals

19. Confidence Pet Deluxe Cat Tree

Do you want to keep your pet safe in terms of material used around it? Then, turn all your focus to the Confidence pet deluxe that is particularly crafted for environment enthusiast “parents”. However, being eco-friendly is not the only advantage it has got. What can gain your attention are the multiple levels and a couple of rest areas.

So, even if you have more than one kitten, it’s a suitable purchase.

This product the word “deluxe” in its name and the cat tree means it. Its bamboo fibre board is covered with a plush material, which is soft and durable. So, the cat tree will not fade or wear even if the little hunter will scratch and use her pawn against it.

Convenient Features

  • Includes a sizeable cave and comfortable hammock, so your loved one can sleep according to the preferences
  • Attached rope that keeps the kittens entertained
  • A multilevel structure that helps the cats to play, explore and learn

20. Cozy Pet Deluxe Multi-Level Cat Activity Centre

Cozy pet cat trees are made of the best materials your fur baby can experience. The heavy-duty post covered with high-quality sisal rope is the first thing to consider, especially if you have a young kitten.

Apart from the scratching areas, the activity centre has four levels that also works as observing platforms and a couple of hammocks with variable form factor wherein the kitten can play, exercise and rest.

Also, this play house for cathas a stair with scratching steps and a tube that works as a resting place for them. This sturdy unit comes in grey and is easy to assemble because of the easy to follow instruction.

Convenient Features

  • Hanging rope that works as a toy for kittens
  • A resting tube attached to the top level
  • Looks great in any interior décor

21. PetStyle Cat Tree

The PetStyle kitten tree has lots of space wherein your kitty can hide, play and rest. Ladders, a couple of caves and three observation platforms invites all the cats to have a gala time. The lower cave is more significant and also contains a peephole. Even if you own multiple cats, it can accommodate them all. All these parts are covered with soft plush material.

It also has numerous scratching posts wrapped with coir rope. So, whenever she is in a mood to scratch something, it can be the roped posts, not your house furniture or any other materials. Height of the tree is 171 cm, and it weighs 25 kg.

Convenient Features

  • Available in different colours, so you can choose one of them depending upon your preferences and house décor
  • Keeps your cat healthy and entertained
  • Durable built
  • Best luxury cat trees
  • Easy to assemble

22. Klife Floor to Ceiling Cat Tree

The extendable cat tree from Klife fits between the floor and ceiling. Its height is adjustable between 240-288cm but can be further decreased to 234cm by using a saw on the joining tube. There are three resting and observation platforms on the tree. All the levels are covered with high-quality faux material, which is soft and keeps her comfortable.

On the scratching posts, it has high-quality sisal rope that can withstand the paws of bigger cats as well. So, you will never see her sharpening the claws on furniture or walls. Whether you need a place wherein your kitty can relax or have some fun, you have this Klife cat scratcher tree that has comparatively thicker platforms.

Convenient Features

  • Thick observation levels to accommodate heavy cats
  • Durable rope for your kitten to scratch
  • Extremely stable structure because of dual support

23. Pawhut Cat Tree

If you want your kitty to behave naturally, then you should keep her safe and entertained. Well, it’s the reason why we are talking about the Pawhut activity centre, which has one of the best cat condos. It has a ladder, platform and a playing ball hanged on the arched top. There is also a scratching post covered with sisal rope.

The steps are also included with the same material, wherein the cats can scratch and sharpen their claws without destroying your new dining table. All the other areas are glued with a soft and plush material that offers optimum comfort to your pet. If you give her a place where she can play, rest and enjoy some private time, try the Pawhut tree.

Convenient Features

  • Broad base to keep the structure stable
  • Scratching post and ladder to keep your furniture safe
  • Lightweight at 5.2 kg, the tree is easy to relocate
  • Can be quickly assembled with the included hardware

24. Go Pet Club Cat Tree

Made of compressed wood, the leopard print Go Get Club tree keeps your cat entertained and safe. It has three scratching posts that are covered with sisal ropes. One of the front scratching poles also rotates, which adds to the overall fun of claw sharpening.

There is a platform to sleep and a tube wherein your kitty can spent some time after enjoying a full calorie breakfast. Everything apart from the posts are covered with a soft faux fur that keeps her comfortable, and the leopard print makes it attractive. Your cat will love playing or resting on this condo.

Convenient Features

  • Easy to assemble due to step by step instructions
  • Posts are covered with natural sisal rope that is safe and durable
  • Due to a compressed wood-built, this tree is durable and stable
  • Fulfils all the requirements of a kitten

25. Kerbl Dolomit Tofana Pro Wall-Mounted Cat Tree

Here comes a 160 cm tall unique cat tree that can be wall-mounted. Kerbl Dolomit Tafana has two platforms with woven fabric cushion that has Velcro straps. Due to big cushions and stable form factor, our experts’ states that it’s one of thebestcat tower for large cats.

On the top level, there are two hammocks, wherein the kitties can rest. There is a hanged sisal rope that will attract the cats for sure. The entire stem of the tree is also glued with sisal ropes.

Available in grey, the Dolomit Tafana has to be mounted on both the ends. Hence, it has improved stability and will never topple.

Convenient Features

  • Removable and washable fabric
  • Unique hammocks that will also look adventurous and playful to the cats
  • Significant scratching area
  • Sisal rope for entertainment
  • Wall mountable cat activity centre will not waste much of your ground space
  • Big cushions that can accommodate large cats as well

What to Look for in a Cat Tree?

We learned so many things about cat trees while reviewing the best cat furniture. So, we thought to compiled the same knowledge as a buying guide to help you in the buying process. Let’ take a closer look at the essential features of a cat tree.


As you read in the descriptions, cat trees are crafted from a variety of materials.

  • Wood: Cat houses made of wood are sturdy. Hence, it should be your obvious choice. However, solid wood might be expensive than processed board wood that is cost-effective, but lacks the durability.
  • Faux and foam: Kittens love the softness and comfort of faux cloth. The material is cost-effective and can be machine washed when needed. These are the reasons why most of the cat trees we have selected here has a faux cover.
  • Rope: Scratching posts covered with sisal ropes are the best. You will find many products like TecTake XXL cat tree that has coconut rope, which is not as long-lasting as a sisal rope. So, if you own big cats, you should choose cat trees with sisal covered scratching surfaces.


Hanging toys are good news for kittens. They can spend hours getting entertained by the same. If you are an office goer, or you have to leave the house frequently, cat tree with a toy is important. You will be mentally satisfied that your little one is not getting bored alone.

Multiple Levels and Ladders:

Kittens love to jump around, sometimes with purpose and at times just for fun. It makes them feel active and happy. So, you should choose a cat tree with various platforms. However, prefer the ladder included if you have a baby less than three months old. He or she might lose balance, but with the help of a ladder, it ill easier for the little one to learn and play.


Another important consideration is the base. If the kitten will jump and play over the activity centre, then its core should be able to handle the pressure. So, look for a stable cat tree and related additions that has a stable base.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a cat tree used for?

Cat trees provide a sense of security to the cats. It’s an area that will only be used by the kitten, so she remains interactive. Apart from that, a cat tress with scratching pads and toys are also helpful to serve her scratching habits. Not all the cats scratch, but some of them can scratch or bite your furniture and any other material that looks attractive to her.

Do indoor cats need cat trees?

If indoor cats are involved with a cat tree, it will keep them healthy and joyful. Cat activity treeswill fulfil their natural tendency to climb. Cats only feel safe if they are high on top or they are hidden from everyone. They need a soft sleeping surface, where they can take naps. You will find that your kitten is mostly sleeping, especially in the daytime. You can give her the comfort and safety she deserves by investing in one of the best cat trees that we discussed above.

How do I attract my cat to use a cat tree?

Use toys, food items to entice your cat towards the tree. Example, if your cat loves fish, starting feeding on the cat house. Hide anything that she loves by showing her the same so that she can climb to find it. Once she sees the twists and turns of a new area, she will start inspecting the cat tree and get attracted to it.

How to choose the right cat tree?

You can choose the best cat trees by knowing their size, weight, age and climbing skills. Tall and multilevel trees will be suitable for a lively kitten who loves to jump around and play. On the other hand, if your cat is aged and is less active, she will like something easy to reach and comfortable to rest.

Where do you put a cat tree?

A cat tree is a place where your cat will play, rest and watch over you and their territory. You should place it in a spacious room from where they have a broad look around the area.

How tall should my cat tree be?

The depends upon the available space. Example, Pawhut 5 tier kitty tower can only be adjusted between 230 to 260 cm. So, you have to choose it only if you have that much space available.

Is a cat tree necessary?

Cat trees are necessary for the mental and physical development of cats. Especially if you have a timid one with a tendency to run under the bed to hide. A cat tree has elevated platforms to rest and protect. So, she will feel safe there in a sense that no one can ambush her from the back.

Choosing What’s Right for You

Whether you were looking for a cat tree, scratching post, or just a living place for your cat, we hope you got the deal. Make sure you choose a cat tree according to the size and likings of your cat.

As some of the cat trees also include playing toys (SavingPlus Cat Tree), scratching posts and sleeping hammocks, you will not have to invest in any of them separately. So, choose a condo that can give some real-life joy to your little one.

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