16 Best Hoover for Cat Hair and Litter (Reviews & Buying Guide)

The right cat litter vacuum takes the struggle out of getting rid of cat hair and litter in your home. However, choosing the perfect product that will meet your expectations in today’s busy world is not a piece of cake. As a result of this, we decided to create this guide so that you will be able to make the right choice.

It is safe to vacuum cat litter once you ensure that small amounts are cleaned at once. This will prevent damage to your machine while the most satisfactory result will be achieved. You can sweep first before vacuuming because the majority of cat litter cleaners cannot handle heavy litter at once.

What’s The Best Cat Litter Vacuum?

Miele 10660820 Complete C3 Cat Bagged Vacuum

The best carpet cleaner for pets in the UK is the Miele 10660820 Complete C3 Cat Bagged Vacuum. It is powered by a motor of 900 Watts and that is why high suction power is guaranteed at all times. It comes with the innovative emote floor head so that you can experience a thorough and effective cleaning.

You will love its turbo brush which guarantees perfect removal of lint and hair without much stress. This cat hair vacuum has an active air clean filter which ensures that all odours are effectively neutralized. There are plus/minus foot controls which eliminate stooping during operations. Additional comfort is guaranteed with the telescopic tube which can be adjusted to your working height with the possibility of being locked into position.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall: Miele 10660820 Complete C3 Cat Bagged Vacuum at Amazon
“It has an optimum suction power with foot controls so that thorough and convenient vacuuming can be enhanced.”

Best Cheap: mfavour Cylinder Vacuum at Amazon
“This machine has powerful suction for catching pet hair with its innovative cyclone dust technology.”

Best Cordless: Jajibot Cordless Vacuum at Amazon
“This cordless vacuum comes with a full-size power brush with 2 bristle rollers for perfect cleaning of carpets and floors.”

Best Handheld: Dyson V7 Animal Cordless Handheld at Amazon
“It features stiff nylon bristles which guarantee flawless removal of ground-in dirt.”

Best Robot: Coredy R500+ Robot Vacuum Cleaner at Amazon
“3-in-1 robotic vacuum with customizable cleaning preferences and an anti-scratch tempered glass top cover.”

How We Choose Our Best Picks

In our bid to choose the best vacuum for cat hair, we interviewed many families and they shared their favourite products with us. In addition, our team of top analysts carried out a series of in-depth researches putting so many factors into consideration. That is why we were able to discover top products that you can put your money on.

Types of Vacuums for Cat Litter

Before you can get an ideal cat litter machine for your home, it is very important for you to know the various types available. This will go a long way in helping you to discover a product that will give you the best result. The major ones are discussed below.

1. Canister

This type of vacuums comes with a dirt containment canister, distinct powerhead and motor. They are usually lightweight with the capacity of easily reaching tight spaces. However, the canister contributes to a slight difficulty in manoeuvring this type of machines.

2. Handheld

Handheld vacuums are portable and lightweight with the capability of directly handling litter box areas. In addition, they can be used for stairs, upholstery, tight spaces and so on, so that the most satisfactory cleaning result can be achieved. Some of them come bags that can be removed for emptying when full. Others have canisters that can be dumped when it is right to do so.

3. Robotic

If you are looking for the best way to pick up cat hair without too much effort, you may need to consider robotic vacuum cleaners. They offer greater convenience because they can be programmed to clean at regular intervals for perfect results. They can clean once or twice daily guaranteeing maximum elimination of cat litter. However, the major issue with this option is that the robot will not inform you that the cat litter is wet or damp which can lead to clogging.

4. Stick

Stick vacuums are usually lightweight, slender and portable making them perfect for cleaning cat litter. They may not have the power of full-sized vacuums but they offer greater convenience in terms of manoeuvrability. You can easily carry a litter stick vacuum for quick use and return it without much stress.

5. Upright

Upright vacuum cleaners come with amazing attributes for effective cleaning. Majority of them have dirtbags or canister, cleaning head as well as other features that make the cleaning process simpler. They are very easy to store but can be heavy with the minimum weight standing at 20 pounds.

6. Wet and Dry

A wet and dry vacuum is a shop vac for cat litter. With the capability to take both dry and wet messes without breaking or clogging, this type of vacuum is an ideal product to put your money on. Also, they can be used to clean up other messes such as wood chips, nails and glass. Usually, they can be clunky but you can easily manoeuvre them around your cat’s litter box without much hassle.

The 16 Best Vacuum for Cat Hair and Litter Reviews in 2024

1. Miele 10660820 Complete

If you are looking for the best vacuum for pet hair in the UK, you should not hesitate to consider the Miele c3 cat & dog bagged vacuum. It is fortified with a 900-Watt motor and that is why high suction is guaranteed at all times. It has an adjustable telescopic tube which can be locked into position after being adjusted to your desired working height.

This best cylinder vacuum for cat litter has a floorhead and suction tube which can be parked when you want to go for a break. Its cable is easy to rewind by just tapping the footswitch. What’s more, you will love its powerful turbo brush which helps in effective removal of lint and hair.

Convenient Features: This lightweight vacuum for cat hair comes with an all-round bumper produced from soft synthetic material for convenient cleaning at all times. It has plus/minus foot controls which prevent stooping during operations. Also, there is an active air clean filter which ensures that all odours are effectively neutralized.

2. Shark Upright Vacuum Cleaner

The Shark Lift-away pet cleaner is the best upright vacuum for cat litter. It can boast of an innovative hair removal tool which ensures that embedded pet hair from sofas, cushions and carpets are removed without much effort. With the extended reach wand as well as vital accessories, you can effectively use this machine on hard floors and carpets.

This best Shark vacuum for cat litter can also be used to clean light fittings, picture rails, curtains, high surfaces and so on without much hassle. With its anti-allergen complete seal, you can be sure of adequately capturing and trapping of 99.9% of allergens and dust in the vacuum. This will go a long way in preventing the release of this dirt and allergens into the air.

Convenient Features: You can easily reach tight areas with the enhanced swivel steering while the strong LED lights illuminate the dust. With its lift-away technology, you can easily convert this upright machine to a handheld so that more flexibility can be enhanced. You will love its 8-metre power cord which guarantees maximum coverage of every part of your home.

3. Hoover Breeze Pets Bagless

Do you desire the best canister vacuum for cat litter? The Hoover Breeze Pets Bagless Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner is your best bet if you want to achieve the best result. It comes with a 2-in-1 dusting brush as well as crevice tool so that effective outcome will be achieved.

You will love the metal telescopic tubes of this pet hair remover vacuum making it perfect for cleaning various surfaces. Its weighs just 4.5 kilograms making it easier to manipulate and carry from one place to another. It is compactly designed for easy storage without consuming too much space. With a dynamic motor of 700 Watts, you can be certain of optimum performance.

Convenient Features: This cat fur vacuum has a metal telescopic extension tubes which make it easier for you to clean surfaces that are not easy to clean like ceilings and stairs. With its cyclonic dust separation technology, you don’t have to worry about frequent cleaning of the filter. Its mini turbo brush with strong rotating bristles ensure that embedded hair on carpets and cushions are effectively eliminated.

4. Mfavour Cylinder Vacuum

This animal hair vacuum features wheels of high quality guaranteeing easy movement without any floor damage. It can be used to clean your living room as well as other rooms in your house. Also, it can be used to clean carpets, curtains and every floor type so that a healthier environment will be realized.

Furthermore, it is powered by a dynamic motor of 800 Watts making it possible for you to achieve optimum performance. With a power cord length of 5 metres, this electric cat box cleaner can reach every part of your home for an effective cleaning result. It has a dust capacity of 2 litres meaning that you won’t need to worry about frequent dust evacuations.

Convenient Features: The mfavour cylinder vacuum has a lightweight design and that is why it is easy to manoeuvre during operations. Also, it is compactly designed for convenient storage devoid of overconsumption of space. You will love its big wheel which makes transportation easier and a noise level of less than 75dB adds to the convenience of using this machine.

5. VYTRONIX Animal 3.5L 800W

If you really want the best affordable cat litter, you should consider the VYTRONIX Animal 3.5L 800W. Powered by a strong motor of 800 Watts, this is a unique device that will effectively handle all your cleaning jobs. It has a large dust capacity of 3.5 litres, making it possible for you to clean properly without constant emptying of the dust bag.

This pet hair vacuum comes with a microfilter which ensures that unwanted particles are removed from the air for a cleaner atmosphere. That is why you don’t need to worry if you have sufferers of pet allergies, hay fever and asthma at home.

Convenient Features: This pet dander vacuum is lightweight meaning that you will enjoy greater convenience manoeuvring it. You can conveniently clean every part of your home, thanks to the 80-centimetre telescopic extension, 5-metre power cord and 1.5-metre hose. It is easy to operate with an on/off pedal which can be operated with your foot.

6. Hoover Enigma Pets Bagged

If you want the best-bagged vacuum for pet hair, you need to try the Hoover Enigma Pets Bagged Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner. It has a variable suction control so that you can enjoy the highest level of flexibility during operations. With a powerful pets turbo brush, you can easily get rid of stubborn pet hair for a cleaner house.

What’s more, the unique filtration system of this pet stain and odour remover will amaze you guaranteeing a maximum reduction of allergens and dust that want to escape into the air. Its 3.2-litre bag is a plus with a light indicator that lets you know when to replace the bag.

Convenient Features: With about 9-metre working radius, this pet urine remover guaranteed perfect vacuuming with less effort. It comes with a suction regulator which enables you to adjust suction in accordance with the type of job you are doing. You will love its 1.5-metre hose, 6-metre power cord and a sound level of 66 decibels guaranteeing maximum convenience during operations.

7. Henry Allergy HVA 160-11

The Henry Allergy HVA 160-11 is the best dustbuster for cat litter. It features an advanced 3-stage filtration system which guarantees an absolute reduction of exposure to dust as well as other pet-related allergens. With its first-class HEPA filter, all household allergens like pollen, dust mites and pet dander are trapped for guaranteed cleaner air.

You will love its efficient cleaning technology which makes it possible for you to get the best result on both hard floors and carpets. It comes with two dynamic floor tools so that you can be able to carry out targetted cleaning no matter the type of surface. With its high-performance Combi floor tool, you can easily switch between hard floors and carpets for the most satisfactory result.

Convenient Features: With its huge dust capacity, you can be sure of less emptying during operations. Its rewind 10-metre cable makes it possible for you to reach every part of your home so that your cleaning goals will be realized. Also, this machine comes with a HepaFlo dust bag with self-seal tab lock so that no dust or allergen will escape during emptying.

8. Coredy Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Do you desire the best robot vacuum for cat hair and litter? You should consider the Coredy Robot Vacuum Cleaner because of its rich attributes. It has a strong suction power of 1400Pa with 2 side brushed so that debris, dirt, particles and pet hair are effectively picked up.

This auto cat box cleaner is powered by a 2600mAh lithium-ion battery with a guaranteed runtime of 120 minutes. You will love its super thin design making it possible to reach underneath the furniture and other hard-to-reach places. It automatically returns to the charging dock when low on power so that it can be prepared for work at any time.

Convenient Features: The Coredy Robot Vacuum Cleaner comes with an auto-adjust cleaning head with two wheels and that is why it can move from carpets to hard floors without much hassle. It has multiple cleaning modes like auto, spot, wet/dry, edge and max vacuuming. That is why you can be certain of a total cleaning solution for your home. This is the machine to go for if you want the best wet dry vacuum for pets.

9. Jajibot Cordless Vacuum

The best cordless vacuum for cat litter in our list is the Jajibot Cordless Vacuum. It has a suction power of 9000Pa which guarantees thorough cleaning at all times. With its 2-speed motor power, you can be sure of effective handling of various particles and dust. It has a full-size power brush and 2 bristle rollers so that carpet and floor cleaning will be stress-free.

What’s more, you will love its 3-stage fully-sealed filtration system which guarantees cleaner air during operations. Its washable HEPA filter is a plus while its large battery capacity guarantees 35 minutes of runtime. The Jajibot Cordless Vacuum is the best vacuum for pet dander with its motor power of 120 Watts.

Convenient Features: This machine has a powerful but with lower noise and that is why it is the best stick vacuum for cat litter if you want a friendly atmosphere at home during operations. With its motorised brush with soft and hard bristle rollers, you can be sure of perfect cleaning of big particles and dust from carpets and floors.

10. Dyson V7 Animal Cordless Handheld

The Dyson V7 Animal Cordless Handheld boasts of a digital V7 motor and that is why it is the best handheld vacuum for cat litter. It comes with a runtime of 30 minutes meaning that you can carry out a thorough job without missing a spot. It has a strong suction power with a performance that can be compared to a corded vacuum.

You will love its stiff nylon bristles which ensures that ground-in dirt is effectively eliminated. Its carbon fibre filaments ensure that fine dust on hard floors is removed without much hassle so that you will have an elegant home that will amaze your visitors.

Convenient Features: With its single-press button, you can empty the dust bin without much hassle. You will love its convenient docking station which makes it possible for you to keep your machine fully charged at all times for effective cleaning. It conveniently converts into a handheld so that you can use it for fast clean-ups and removal of pet hair in the crevices of your sofa.

11. ONSON Cordless Vacuum

The ONSON Cordless Vacuum is powered by a 2200mAh lithium-ion battery with a guaranteed runtime of about 40 minutes. It has a high suction power of 12Kpa and that is why it remains the best vacuum for long pet hair. With its two different brush heads, you can be sure of a perfect floor and carpet cleaning.

Despite its powerful suction, it does not make too much noise during operations making it fit for almost every home. It weighs just 4.85 pounds and that is why you can easily manoeuvre it during the cleaning process. It has 2 snap-on tools and can be easily converted into a handheld vacuum.

Convenient Features: This machine comes with a flexible head which ensures that every part of your house is properly cleaned, even high-up places. It has a quick charging time of between 4 and 5 hours so that it can be ready for work in good time. There is no dirt leakage during operations while all small particles are locked in the machine.

12. Vax UCPESHV1 Air Lift

If you want to buy the best vacuum cat litter for hardwood floors, you should consider the Vax UCPESHV1 Air Lift. It is a lightweight corded lift-out upright vacuum cleaner for all types of floors. It can be used for cleaning stairs, car interior and above-the-floor cleaning.

The Vax power pet airlift vacuum comes with a steerable technology which guarantees smooth navigation around furniture as well as other obstacles. You will love its TurboTool which helps in removing embedded pet hair and dirt. There is even an extra fluff and fur tool which adds to the power of this machine to eliminate pet hair.

Convenient Features: The lightweight design of this machine is a plus and that is why you can manipulate it with ease during operations. Its lift-out cylinder enhances smooth operation because you don’t need to move the whole machine when you want to clean stairs or for above-floor cleaning.

13. AEG CX7-2-45AN Animal Cordless

The AEG CX7-2-45AN Animal Cordless stick vacuum comes with an HD turbo lithium-ion rechargeable battery with a guaranteed runtime of 45 minutes. Also, it features a strong motorised pet turbo nozzle for effective elimination of pet hair on your furniture, stairs, beds and so on.

This machine is the best vacuum for cat litter on carpet because it comes with a dynamic motorised turbo nozzle. It has two-speed settings – one for carpets and one hard floors. That is why it can be used on both hard floors and carpets for the most satisfactory result.

Convenient Features: Its 2-in-1 functionality makes it possible for you to use it anywhere. You will love its lightweight design which makes manipulation as easy as ABC. With its cyclonic system, you can be sure of convenient cleaning for optimum results.

14. Oneday Cordless Vacuum

The best vacuum for pet hair under £100 according to our research is the oneday Cordless Vacuum. It has a battery capacity of 4000mAh with a guaranteed runtime of 40 minutes. It comes with a pro-cyclonic system which guarantees maximum suction of pet hair, mites and other debris.

Also, this best cheap vacuum for pet hair features a 5th stage filtration system which ensures that cleaner air is realized during operations. You will love its stainless steel filter which is produced with washable materials. With its noise level below 75dB, you can be sure of noiseless operations at all times.

Convenient Features: This machine weighs just 1.05 kilograms making its manipulation a stroll in the park. Its ergonomic handle will amaze you making it possible for you to clean your home from different angles. This way, you will be able to achieve the best result without much stress.

15. HOKEKI Handheld Vacuum wet/dry

You don’t need to search too much for the best vacuum to clean up kitty litter if you can lay your hands on the HOKEKI Handheld Vacuum wet/dry. It has a suction of 6Kpa making it perfect for all-round cleaning. It has the capacity of sucking pet hair, paper and dust hiding in corners around your home.

This machine comes with a stainless steel filter which can be cleaned as many times as possible. It is powered by a 2600mAh lithium-ion battery with a guaranteed runtime of up to 25 minutes. With a noise level of 75dB, you can be sure of optimum performance without much noise.

Convenient Features: It charges quickly within 4 hours so that you won’t experience any downtime when you want to carry out your cleaning job. You will love its weight of less than 2.42 pounds making it perfect for easy manoeuvring. Also, there is a LED light which lets you when you need to charge the battery.

16. Pro Breeze® 14.8V Wet & Dry Handheld

The Pro Breeze® 14.8V Wet & Dry Handheld is our recommended best hand vac for cat litter. With its unique squeegee tool, you can easily clean spilt liquid hard floors as well as worktops. You will love its brush tool which helps in picking up pet hair from furniture, carpets and beds without much stress.

What’s more, there is a crevice tool that makes it absolutely easier for you to clean spaces that are very hard to reach. It is fortified with a long-lasting 14V lithium-ion battery which can only give you the highest possible performance. You are guaranteed runtime of 25 minutes with a charging time of about 4 hours.

Convenient Features: The Pro Breeze® 14.8V Wet & Dry Handheld offers great convenience with its cordless and lightweight design. You can be sure of adequate coverage of every part of your home and manoeuvring it is a stroll in the park. With a dust capacity of 500ml and a liquid capacity of 120ml, you can never get it wrong with this machine.

What to Look for in a Cat Litter Vacuum

Before parting with your hard-earned money, you need to look for vital features when you want to buy a cat litter vacuum. We discuss some of them below so that you will not make the wrong choice.

Suction Power

The suction power is very important in a vacuum cleaner. You need to be sure that it can pick up every cat litter in your home. You wouldn’t want a machine that will take a whole day before picking up all the dirt. It is advisable to check the suction power of the machine you want to buy and the higher, the better. You can also check the number of watts of the motor your preferred product.


A good machine should be easily manoeuvred around your home. That is why you need to check the weight of your chosen product. Ideally, a product weighing 5 pounds will be more portable than one weighing 20 pounds. If it is easy for you to manoeuvre a vac, it will also be easier for you to get the most satisfactory cleaning result.


This is very essential when buying a cat litter hoover. Products come in different shapes, sizes, colour, suction power and so on. However, you will not want to purchase a product that will pack up after some days which will lead to a waste of money. If you buy a substandard product because it is cheap, you may spend more if you will be replacing it frequently. As a result of this, it is advisable for you to go for a product with guaranteed durability.

Corded Vs Cordless

Your cleaning expectations as well as the location of power sources will determine whether you should go for a corded or cordless machine. If the power sources are close to where you want to vacuum, you can surely buy a corded hoover. On the other hand, if you want to vacuum a large room or hall with power sources far away, you can consider the cordless version. Also, cordless vacs are easy to use and can be used for multiple rooms without much stress.

Bagged or Bagless

The type of collection unit of your choice machine is very essential if you want to get the best result. Bagged hoovers are easy to use because you can easily remove the bag and throw it away. Bagless machines make use of canisters which can be reused for a number of times, making them an eco-friendly option. Also, bagless machines are perfect for controlling odour so that you will be able to have the best cleaning experience.

Can I use a sweeper instead?

Sweepers may not be very effective to achieve the best result. They cannot handle deep-seated stains as well as odour associated with homes that have pets. However, before vacuuming, you can use a sweeper so that the job will be easier and a perfect result will be realized.

Choose a vacuum that separates dirt and air

It is a good idea if you buy a machine that comes with a bypass flow motor. This will go a long way in ensuring that air and dirt are separated so that dust does not lodge in the filter. You can check for machines with cyclonic cleaning systems and many of them have bypass motors guaranteeing powerful suction for many years. Since you are more concerned with eliminating cat litter, you need a machine with powerful suction to get the job done perfectly.

Ensure that the vacuum is compatible with your flooring

Your type of floor will surely determine the perfect machine for you. A vac with a roller brush is flawless for rugs and carpets because some litter may be trapped within them. A machine for hard floors will be appropriate for a smooth surface and some products come with multiple height settings and accessories so that they can be used on multiple surfaces.

Four Ways to Prevent Litter Tracking and Scattering

If you want to prevent litter tracking and scattering, we take you through four ways that guarantee a flawless result.

1. Make use of a litter mat

It is advisable for you to use a litter mat if you want to solve the problem of litter tracking. This method works all day and night, even when you are not around. If you can lay your hands on a good litter mat, you can be sure of perfect capturing of every litter from the paws of your cats as they descend on it. Also, it ensures that litter from the litter box is properly captured for a cleaner home. You can easily shake litter from the mat to your dust bin thereby eliminating frequent sweeping.

2. Look for low-tracking litter

You can change to a new litter in order to get an enhanced result. A litter with heavy granules as well as pellet litter track less than products that are lightweight.

3. Let the litter box be strategically placed

You can place the litter box in a corner or against a wall so that you can block the escape routes of the litter. This will not let it reach the floor so that absolute cleanliness can be enhanced.

4. Go for a larger litter box

A larger box will certainly absorb more litter. Even though it does not have the capability to stop tracking, a large litter box can go a long way in preventing scattering.

Choosing What’s Right for You

Getting the right cat litter vacuum may not be a piece of cake if you don’t get access to the right information. We hope you will be able to choose the best product with this review so that your goal of a cleaner home can be easily achieved.


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