The 20 Best Pooper Scoopers of 2024

If you want pet waste cleaning to be quick, easy and hands-free, then try one of the best pooper scoopers that we will discuss today. Seeing a wagging tail when you come back from work is very heartwarming.

Dogs are great, but they need high maintenance. Apart from their diet, grooming, and morning walks, you also have to clean their doings, which can be very unpleasant.

What is the Best Pooper Scooper UK?

The best pooper scooper for pets comes from Beinhome. This pet waste scooper has a long 23-inch handle that you can fold for better portability. It also includes a disposable bag holder and waste bags to be more helpful while on the move.

Whether you want to pick up the waste from grass, gravel or snow, you can use the Beinhome pooper scooper. If you don’t enjoy the product, you can get your money back within 90 days. Overall, a risk-free and affordable purchase.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall: Beinhome Pooper Scoopers
One-handed lightweight pooper scooper that comes with a disposable bag holder

Best Pooper Scooper with Bag Attached: Ceasyde Pet Pooper Scooper
Lightweight and convenient to carry or use with one hand, includes disposable bag holder

Best for Long Walks: RoyalCare New Dog Pooper Scooper
Compact and lightweight waste snapper that comes with a belt clip. Easy to use and works on all the surfaces.

Best Rake and Spade: WWVVPET Dog Pooper Scooper
Made of stainless steel, its height is adjustable and the rake or spade are removable for improved cleaning

Best Heavy Duty Pooper Scooper: LMLMD Metal Pet Poop Tray and Rake
Stainless steel built ensures rust-free performance over the years. Damaging the scooper will not be easy for any of the ground or materials.

Best Pooper Scooper for Grass: Petmate Clean Response Swivel Bin and Rake
Easy to use on the lawn and parks due to a long handle and comfortable grip

Best Suction: Trafalgar Poovac
Vacuums the pet waste directly into a disposal bag, no contact with the smelly content

Best for Cat Litter: Lictin Cat Litter Scoop
Large cat litter scoop with the long and comfortable handle. Cost effective and helps you to scoop the dropping easily

How We Choose Our Best Picks?

We compare hundreds of pet waste scoopers in our labs with a couple of dogs and multiple cats. Once the test is complete, our experts rate them based on ease of use, durability, weight and effectiveness while cleaning the waste. Apart from that, we also communicate with pet owners frequently to know the products they use and are happy about.

The 20 Best Pooper Scoopers Review of 2024

1. MDC Arm’s Length Pooper Scooper

Cleaning up after your dog becomes convenient if you don’t have to bend down to pick up the waste. MDC pooper scooper offers you the same; a convenient way to clear pet waste from your garden or patio.

Whether it’s your dog, cat or any other stray animal who left unwanted luggage in the yard, you can easily clear that without hurting your back. All thanks to the telescopic handles that you adjust according to your height. The yard pooper scooper is easy to wash and both the tools clips together for secure storage.

Convenient Features
The Arm’s Length dog pooper scooper has a flat rake and grass scoop so that you can use it on all the surfaces and areas. It hardly requires any assembly and is very easy to use. You can also detach their heads for better cleaning.

2. CuleedTec Jaw Pet Pooper Scooper

The pet pooper scooper from CuleedTec is a 23.6-inch long-handled pooper scooper for dogs. It has a lightweight ABS construction that you can detach for secure storage. Due to a long handle, you don’t have to bend much.

The most exciting part of the tool is its jaw or clamp, which opens and closes very tightly for sanitary pickup.

Sometimes it’s embarrassing in the park or walkway when your dog does something unwanted. But, the scenario changes if you have the Jaw Pet pooper scooper. It makes clean up easy so that you two can focus on other activities.

Convenient Features
The scooper is very easy to use. You only have to put it inside a waste bag, squeegee the handles to open the clamp and lose it around the poop. Take out the poop bag and throw it into a dustbin.

You don’t have to touch anything that smells bad. Moreover, it is effective on types of surfaces, including grass, footpath, gravel and snow.

3. Simply Natural Pooper Scooper

Easily the best pooper scooper for large dogs, Natural pooper scooper is a well built and innocuous 60 cm long pet tool. As you see, there is a 60 cm distance between the poop and you. It means less bending and easy cleanup.

Because of the high-quality spring and squeegee trigger, the clamp opens and closes very smoothly. Due to the large shape of its jaw, the waste cleanup never takes more than five minutes.

Convenient Features
If you are using disposable gloves, then you know cumbersome it can be. Also, it’s unimaginable how much extra waste you are generating, by using a disposable glove every time you have to clean the pet waste. On the other hand, the Simply Natural pooper scooper is not only durable and convenient to use but also eco-friendly.

4. RoyalCare New Dog Pooper Scooper

Our fourth recommendation is a little different. Royal care scooper is a short-handled pet accessory that picks up the dog poop without any touching. You can use the product single-handedly using its curved handle that perfectly fits between your fingers.

There is also a clip that you can attach with your belt and keep both the hands-free.

The dog poop picker has a waste bag dispenser. Once you finish one roll, you can refill it with another. When you see that your dog is done with the job, take out a waste bag, put it on the scooper and pick up the poop. It’s easily the best pooper scooper for small dogs.

Convenient Features
By using the RoyalCare pet waste scooper, you don’t have to touch any unwanted things. You will not notice any fiddling while using its clasped handle and hence the pick will be hassle-free. It also comes with a disposal bag chamber and a roll of waste bags inside.

5. Ceasyde Pet Pooper Scooper

Another long-handled pet waste scooper, and this time it’s 17.5 inches. Built of high-quality nonstick plastic, the Ceasyde scooper is lightweight and hence convenient to carry. Two high tension springs control the jaw movement that helps you to snap up the pet waste lying in grass or footpath. No need to wear any gloves or bend much.

An ideal product for dog or cat owners, because you only have to cover its jaws with a plastic bag, squeegee the handle to open it, and close. Once the poop is inside the waste bag, you can throw it in the right place.

Convenient Features
Ceasyde pet scooper comes with a poop bag dispenser and one waste bag. So, when you are out in the park taking a walk, you don’t have to look for a waste bag or any other help if you have this useful cat poop scooper.

6. Uervoton Pooper Scooper

Collecting pet waste is unpleasant, but not if you have a scooper like Uervoton. It makes pick up easy and fast without touching the poop or hurting your back much. Due to its 60 cm long handle and spring-powered jaws, it’s a great pick up tool over grass, roads, walkways or your house floor.

Built with environmentally friendly ABS plastic, the poo picker is durable, lightweight and washable. Whenever you have to go out for a walk, fold the scooper and put it inside the pet carrier basket.

Convenient Features
You can single-handedly use the scooper because of its easy to pull handles that are ergonomically designed to be easy on your fingers and palm. It’s made of non-stick materials, so you can wash the product as many times you want.

7. Beinhome Pooper Scoopers

If you own a lawn and use it mostly to walk your pet, then you know how difficult it is to pick up their waste from the grass. Its where Beinhome gives you an effective one-handed tool, which makes cleaning a simple and easy task.

This one has a 23 inches long handle and hence you can snap the waste without much bending. What’s more?

It comes with a roll of waste bags. If you have a friend or family members who own a dog, then the Beinhome scooper can be a perfect gift for them.

Convenient Features
The unique feature of this dog waste scooper is its water-free nature. You only have to cover its jaws with a disposal bag, trap the waste inside, and throw the plastic inside a dustbin. Your hands as well as the scoop, both are still clean and the job is also done. Pretty neat, right?

8. LMLMD Pet Poop Tray and Rake

If you love your dog then you also have to take care of its waste, which is not an easy task for most of us. But, you change to flip the things over with a useful set LMLMD tools.

The poop tray and rake are 42 inches long, which allows you to maintain a safe distance from the waste. Moreover, you can adjust the heights of both the tool to reach compact places.

Convenient Features
Made of stainless steel and aluminium, these dog poop clean up tools are lightweight as well as durable. As they are rustproof and cannot be damaged easily, you will not have to invest in a pet poop scooper again in near future.

The spotty metal tray with rake, both are removable from their respective tubes for easy cleaning. And due to their slick metal surface, washing is also easier.

9. Petmate Clean Response Swivel Bin and Rake

The Petmate smart scooper allows you to pick up the waste directly into a waste bag for easy disposal. If you want a pet accessory that can make their waste management easy and painless, we recommend the Petmate swivel bin and rake.

Due to their 3-foot long handles, you don’t have to bend down much. Picks up the waste directly using the rake into a disposal bag that you can throw directly into the dustbin.

Convenient Features
The swivel bin and dog poop rake; both the tools are lightweight and comes with ergonomic handles for easy grip. It has a large bin, so the product will be even more useful if you have multiple pets. Both tools are durable. So, if you are paying a high price to Petmate, they make sure that you don’t have to purchase another scooper soon.

10. WWVVPET Dog Pooper Scooper

WWVVVPET gives you a set of three pet waste management tools, including dustpan, rake and spade. When you need to scoop on grass, use the 9 teeth rake. For the flat floors, a spade will be better to pick up pet waste into the pan. All these tools stand on a 42-inch metal rod, which never asks you to bend while collecting the poop.

Made of thirty per cent extra stainless steel, metal pooper scooper set is durable and long-lasting. Being lightweight is another feature that you would like in the scooper set.

Convenient Features
Whether we talk about the dustpan, rake or spade, you can detach all three of them from their respective tools for easy cleaning. Due to the non-stick surface, they are easy to wash as well. The set also includes two rolls of disposal bags for your convenience.

11. Yangbaga XXXL Dog Pooper Scooper

Yangbaga is one of the major pet supply manufacturers. Their XXXL pet scooper tackles pet poops from all the ground types. If you don’t want to use dispose of bags, you can simply scoop the waste and throw it to the dustbin. However, direct contact would require a wash using warm water and any disinfectant.

Both the poop tray and rake has an ergonomic design. Due to significant size, the scooper is best dog pooper scoopers, especially for large ones. Height of the tray is 37.2 inches and the rake is 39 inches long. So, you don’t have to bend and get too close to the dirt.

Convenient Features
Handles for the tray and rack dissolves into three pieces. So, assembling and storage become easy after you complete a quick cleanup. Made of high-quality stainless steel, the products are durable and you can use it at all the grounds without worrying about any damage.

12. Lictin Cat Litter Scoop

Made of durable aluminium and soft rubber handle, the cat litter scoop from Lictin is not only durable but also convenient to use. Due to its compact nature, you can easily store the scoop near your pet’s area or any place you want.

Lictin pet product is lightweight, does the job easily and keeps your house clean. Due to a clean litter tray, your cat will never face trouble or look for any other place to poop. If you want a happy life for your little hunter, this is one of the best cat litter scoops you can purchase.

Convenient Features
The Lictin litter scoop has a long handle and a soft grip, which allows you to use it very conveniently. It is suitable if you have a house cat. Even if you are taking her out, the scoop is lightweight and compact to be at the pet carrier.

Lightweight and highly portable, the Easy Pickup scooper from Marksman is a useful purchase for pet owners who needs a cost effective solution for pet waste. It’s easy to use, hygienic and ideal for regular usage. Why?

Because it has a 29-inch long handle that prevents bending. So, it’s a suitable purchase for individuals who suffer from bad back or pain in the hips. Whether you have to clean dog waste from grass or solid surface, the product picks up a small or large amount of waste without giving any trouble to you.

Convenient Features
You can use the Easy Pickup with or without a disposal bag. However, we recommend you to use a bag for better disposal.

Otherwise, you have to clean it using warm water. You can easily handle the dog poop catcherwith one hand because of its comfortable grip.

14. HandiScoop Easy Reach Poop Scoop
Join the revolution to make our earth plastic-free with this Easy Reach poop scoop by HandiScoop. It uses biodegradable waste bags to save up to 300 trillion plastic made disposals that are introduced by us to the ecosystem.

Its 33-inch long handle gives you an easy reach to waste without any bending. So, if your knee, hip or back is troubling you; try the Easy Reach.

The Easy reach has a design that never lets you touch the poop. Its gives quick results without any other help, but a disposal bag.

Convenient Features
The easy to hold pistol inspired grips gives you a comfortable hold and complete control over the scoop. It is also available in another size worth 17 inches. So, you can choose one of them according to your height and preference.

15. OUT! One-Handed Dog Poop Scoop
Make waste pick up a breeze using this potty cleaner for dogsfrom OUT! The pet cleaner makes the process easy because of its easy to squeegee handle, spring action and 27-inch long handle.

You must know that pet waster never works as a fertilizer in your garden or lawn. The bacteria present in such waste can be a threat to you, your family members and the pet itself.

Convenient Features
At 422 grams, this poop scoop is a lightweight pet waste collector that works best for both small and large dogs. Whether its grass or gravel, it works without any trouble. Apart from giving you a significant access to the waste, the scoop is also foldable for a secure storage.

Once you have to use it, you only have to unfold the tool, slide its locking chip and clean any spot. Once you are done with the cleaning, fold it back for the next cleaning round.

16. AECCN Pet Dog Pooper Scooper
Make things easier with this poop scoop that comes with a water dispenser and disposal bags. Once you have this cheap pooper scooper, you can easily avoid the bad smell, negative environmental influence and any health trouble due to unhygienic cleaning.

There are two methods to use the pet waste cleaner. You can put a paper on the dog’s doing, open the waste pickup tool and pick it up. Throw the poo inside the dustbin. You can also use a garbage bag to cover its jaws, then open the scooper to snap the waste. Finally, remove the bag and throw it into the garbage bin.

Convenient Features
The pet waste collector has shark serrated teeth the prevents leaks for a proper disposal. It has a removable disposable bag storage chamber, which is helpful while you two are out for a morning walk.

17. Generic Dog Pet Pooper Scooper
Loving your pet is a very heartwarming feeling, but when it comes to picking up the waste, we all feel inconvenient. Isn’t it right? But, what if we tell you that you can pick your dog’s or cat’s waste without touching it, without much bending or getting too close to the smelly thing? It’s possible with the pet waste collector from Generic.

You only have to squeegee it handle that allows its jaws to pick everything in one fire. It’s the easy way to pick up dog poop. No use of water or mop, you only need a disposal bag to cover the poop.

Convenient Features
If you have a family member or friend who simply loves his or her cat, then there cannot be a better gift then the dog pet scooper from Generic. At just 400 grams, its lightweight and has an affordable price tag that you can easily spend without disturbing your monthly budget.

18. Trafalgar Poovac

Here comes the first contender of this list that simply draws your dog’s poop into the waste bag. No matter what breed you own, the Poovac is a robust and efficient waste collector that gives you satisfactory results on all the surfaces. It’s an incredibly lightweight product that is as easy to use as pushing a button.

Designed to stand just above your waist, the upright design of the electric pooper scooper will be suitable for individuals who do not like to bend. So, whether it’s wet waste or dry, you can use the automatic dog poop scooperto clear that up without giving much stress to your back or hips.

Convenient Features
Whenever you want, the poo picking machine collects all the waste inside a poop bag for easy disposal. Battery and charger come with the unit, so you also get the freedom to use the dog poop vacuum anywhere.

19. PoopPac Dog Walkers Case
PoopPac is a sturdy case that you can use to carry the dog’s waste without any smell. Yes, that’s right. It has activated charcoal filters that absorb the odour when the case is closed. Due to the zipper, you can easily store and carry the waste to its right place. Moreover, the storage chamber is moisture repellent and hence easy to clean with a damp cloth.

The walkers case is a tough and durable product that has some space to dispense waste bags. It also has a sanitary compartment to store tissues, cellphone, keys, or cash.

Convenient Features
PoopPac is machine washable, so even if you carry it frequently over the morning walk, you can wash it weekly with other clothes. At 286 grams, the case is lightweight and comes with a belt clip as well as a removable shoulder strap.

20. Scot-Petshop Biodegradable Dog Poop Bags
We are talking about the waster scooper, but we never discussed any biodegradable waste bags that are helpful to conserve our environment. Here comes the last, but one of the most useful products in this list.

The Scot-Petshop gives you 500 unscented eco-friendly waste bags that come flat packed. With 5 cm gusset on both the sides, length and width of 37 cm and 17.5 cm respectively, all the bags are extra wide to cover most of the pet waste scoopers.

Convenient Features
All the Scot-Petshopdog poop bagsare made of 15-micron material that provides you with a high-quality waste collection without any leakage. There are five packs of 100 biodegradable dog poop bagseach.

So, you can quickly grab one of the bags whenever you are taking the dog out for a walk. At such a cost effective price tag, you are getting 500 bags. Means, this small investment will make sure that you get a constant supply of disposal bags.

What to Look for in Pooper Scooper?

We know that you are eager to find a solution for pet waste that’s spoiling your mood frequently. However, there are a few things that you need to consider before you purchase a particular pet scooper.

Weight: What is the weight of a pet waste scooper? It’s the first question you should ask while browsing these pet accessories. A heavy scooper will be difficult to carry around and you have to use both the hands to use it. On the other hand, a lightweight scooper is better because it’s easy to carry and puts less strain in your wrists and back.

Length: You need to match the height of a scooper with yours so that you don’t have to bend much while picking up the waste. If you are not very tall, then look for a scooper with a short handle. On the other hand, choose a waste collector with adjustable size, if multiple members of your family will use the product.

Durability: Invest in a high-quality pet scooper, if you want to use it in the long run without any trouble. A robust scooper will help you to clean the lawn or any other surface irrelevant of the weather. Stainless steel pooper scoopersare rust free and long-lasting. You can also consider ABS plastic pooper scoopersbecause of its durability and lightweight nature.

Jaw Size: Depending upon the size of your dog or cat, you have to choose the scoop size. A large dog would require a bigger scoop to cover all its waste. Similarly, if you have a small-sized cat, then you can invest in a compact scooper.

Useful Tips

  • Rewind about the places where you have to clean the pet waste. If the areas are mostly your lawn, garden or backyard, you can select any of the pet waste collectors depending upon the requirements. However, if you also want to take it along on morning walks, then you should choose a portable pooper scooper for walking or something that has a foldable handle.
  • If you are mostly working on grass or soil, choose a shovel scooper. Most of the dog poop shovel come with a rake, which makes the process easy.
  • Scoopers with moving jaws are suitable for all surface including grass, soil, footpath and hard floors.

Frequently Asked Question

Who picks up guide dogs poop?
Guide dogs receive training sessions to pee or poop. Their handlers have certain commands that they utilize at the right place. So, it’s their handlers who picks up the guide dogs poop.

How to scoop cat litter?
If you have a cat litter box, then use a cat litter scoop to take out the clumps and dropping at least once a day. Put all the droppings and clumps into a disposal bag and throw it out of the house inside a dustbin.

Wash the litter scoop and store it at a safe place for the next use. You can use the L Lictin Cat Litter Scoop in such situations.

On the other hand, if your cat has done it somewhere else in the house, park, lawn or walkways, you should use a pooper scooper to snap in the waste. Try CuleedTec Jaw Pet Pooper Scooper in such situations.

How to use a pooper scooper?
The best way to use pooper scooper is with a disposal bag. Insert the scooper inside a disposal bag. Squeegee its handle to the maximum, so that its jaw can cover the entire waste. Leave the handle slowly and it will collect the waste. Now, remove the disposal bag and throw it to the dustbin.

How to clean pooper scooper?
Hose the scooper down with water to clean it. You can also leave it inside a bucket filled with warm water and disinfectant for better cleaning.

Choosing What’s Right for You

Cleaning after your pet done one of the most unpleasant tasks, but as a pet owner, you need to deal with it. The best way to get rid of those smelly objects is to invest in one of the best pooper scoopers we discussed today.

Keep the MDC arm’s length pooper scooper, if you take the dogs to a park or lawn in the morning wherein they also complete their morning work. If one of your cats or pets cannot control and you notice something smelly on the hard floors, try CuleedTec Jaw Pet Pooper Scooper.


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